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IH series end suction pump

IH series end suction pump

  • IH series end suction pump

IH series end suction pump


Product description
The G5 IH series end suction pump is a new generation of the traditional IH type pump. The two have the same performance and installation dimensions. It’s as ISO24256,ISO2858,GB5662-85
Axial Suction Centrifugal Pump (16 bar)-Mark, performance and dimensions. Based on the suspension appearance design of XA pump, the G5 IH pump is provided with strengthening ribs on its casing so that it’s characterized by  its nice-looking appearance, safe and reliable operation and long service life. Suspension part of G5 IH pump: four kinds of suspension, being universal, cover and cross the full line, thus ensuring a faster delivery and a smaller inventory. Shaft seal mode of G5 IH pump: including packing seal, single-end face unbalanced mechanical seal, single-end face balanced mechanical seal, double-end face unbalanced mechanical seal and double-end face balanced mechanical seal, as required by the customer. The seal is safe and reliable and has a long service life. The pump’s body and impeller adopt the precision casting with wax matrix, so it has a higher efficiency and a better appearance quality than the traditional IH. The coupling is three-section and demountable. If a mono-block type is required, we can make special treatment to design the welding base separately. Generally the installation dimensions are the same as the traditional IH. The G5 IH series all adopts the precision base.
It’s mainly used to transfer corrosive media containing no suspended particles or those un-allowed to be polluted for industrial sectors like petroleum, chemical engineering, synthetic fiber, chemical fertilizer, power station, metallurgy, food and hospital. 
Technical Data
Flow rate: up to 400 m³/h
Head: up to 125 m
Speed: max 2900 rpm
Temperature: max 105 ℃
Casing pressure: up to 1.6MPa
Shaft seal: mechanical sealing
Material: cast iron, stainless steel,

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