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DBY series diaphragm pump

DBY series diaphragm pump

  • DBY series diaphragm pump

DBY series diaphragm pump


Product description
DBY series diaphragm pump is a latest model now at home. It is suitable for various corrosive, highly viscid, volatile, inflammable, explosive and virulent liquid, liquid containing grains, enamel slurry, mashed fruit and glue, and can pump completely in the recovery of bottom oil in oil tankers and temporary tank emptying etc. Its performance parameters are close to Germany WLLDENPUMPS and US MARIOWPUMPS. The flow components in pump body are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or cast iron. Diaphragm can be made of NBR, VITON, CR or PTFE according to different liquid.

Applicable to petroleum, chemical, ceramic, metallurgy industrials, take copy of USA ABEL company, operated at low pressure, below 3 bar.
1. Kind of poisonous, flammable, volatile liquid.
2. Strong acid, alkali, corrosive liquid.
3. High temperature media, up to 150℃
4. Increase pressure for filter press.
5. Hot water recycle and circulation.
6. Delivery oil for oil tank truck, oil storage.
7. Suck pickled vegetables, sauce, mashed potato, chocolate, etc.
8. Paint, gum, adhesive
9. Mud slurry, cement, and mortar.
10. Rubber slurry, organic solvent, stuffing.
11. Clearance sewage and balance oil for tanker, barge
12. Beer, syrup, ferment food slurry
13. Other special media
Technical Data
Flow rate: up to 20 m³/h
Head: up to 30 m
Speed: max 1450 rpm
Temperature: max 150 ℃
Casing pressure: up to 3 MPa
Shaft seal: mechanical sealing
Material: cast iron, stainless steel,

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