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YB2 motors

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YB2 motors


Product description
YB2 series explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors have such characteristics as high efficiency, low noise level and vibration, high startup torque and operation. The rated voltage is 380V, 660V.,380V/660V.The rated frequency is 50Hz. The power grade and mounting dimensions of the motors are according with IEC standard. The degree of its outside shell protection is IP55, and cooling form is IC411, class F insulation is adpoted. They can operate constantly at the environmental temperature of not higher than 40℃.
The explosion protection performance of the motors comply with GB3836.1-2000
"Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere general requirements"and GB3836.2-2000
"Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere, explosion-proof electrical apparatus" and also comply with IEC standard. It is especially used in the places where the explosive the gas mixture is existing.
Technical data
Motor size with shaft height: 80-355
Rated output: 0.18-315kw
Explosion protection marking: Exdl, ExdllAT4, ExdllBT4

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