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CHDF Series Horizontal Multistage Pump

CHDF Series Horizontal Multistage Pump

  • CHDF Series Horizontal Multistage Pump

CHDF Series Horizontal Multistage Pump


Horizontal multistage pump

CHDF series subsection  type horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps adopt axial inlet and radial outlet, attach  with long shaft eleclric  motor.All flow passages parts made of stainless steel.The pump warm welcome for compact structure, high efficiency and reliable quality etc.


CHDF series pumps are widely used in industrial and domestic field.

Water supply or boosting.

Air-conditioning system or cooling system.

Industrial cleaning or washing system.

Water treatment system or Water purification system.

Aquiculture or Fertilizing.

Environmental protection application.

Other industrial or domestic appllications.

Operation condition                   

Medium temperature:

Normal temperature type: -15℃~+70℃

Hot watertype: +70℃~+110℃

Ambient temperature: up to +40℃

Max. Operation pressure: 10bar

Max. Inlet pressure is limited by the Max. Operation pressure

Electric motor

Total -enclosed Fan-cooled two-pole standard motor

Aluminum housing motor

Protection class:IP55,insulation c1ass: F

Standard voltage:60Hz:





Thin and clean, non-flammable and nonl-explosive medium without solid granules or fibres.

Mineral  water, soft water pure water, edible vegetable oil and other slight chemical  medium.

When thedensity orviscosity ofmedium is 1arger than that of water, it is necessary to choose a high-power driving motor.

Whether a specific medium is suitab1e for the pump depends on many factors. among which  the most  important ones  arechlorine content, PH-value, temperature solvent and oil content etc.

Curve conditions

Following conditions are suitable for the perforrnance curves shown above.

All the performance curves are based on the measured value of a motor at constant speed of 3500rpm.

Curve tollerance in conformity with ISO9906 appendix A.

Measurement is done with 20℃ air-free water kinematic viscositY of 1 mm²/sec.

The operation of pump shall refer to the perfomance region described by the thickcned curve to prevent overheating due too small folw rate or overload of molor due to too large flow rate.

Rated flow(m³/h)24816
Flow range(m³/h)l~42~86~138~28
Max. pressure(bar)7.5877
Motor power(kw)0.55~1.50.75~
Temperature range(℃)-15℃~+110℃


Material of CHDF

2GagStainless steelAISI304
3BearingTungsten carbide
4ImpellerStainless steelAISI304
5ShaftStainless steelAISI304
6Water-out guide vaneStainless steelAISI304
8Mechanical seal

9Motor and coverAluminum alloy
10Base frameCast ironASTM25B
11Pull-rodStainless steelAISI304
12Guide vaneStainless steelAISI304
13Support guide vaneStainless steelAISI304
14Impeller separating sleeveStainless steelAISI304

Water-in bodyStainless steelAISI304
7Water-out bodyStainless steelAISI304

1Water-out bodyCast ironASTM25B
7Water-out bodyCast ironASTM25B

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