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LQRY thermal oil pump

LQRY thermal oil pump

  • LQRY thermal oil pump

LQRY thermal oil pump


Product description
LQRY thermal oil pump is our new designer by absorbing advantages of other countrys products, the main structure is single-stage, and singe-suction cantilevered structural support. The intake is axial direction suction, as well the output is center upright, which install into seat with motor.
The pump adopt double-pointed ball bearing structure, the front side use lubricating oil, the back side use grease lubricant, between them is oil conductive pipe, to observe the seal condition and recycle heat-conductive oil.
It adopt self heat emanate system, change tradition water cooling system, the structure is simple, small size and economize the power.
LQRY use stuffing seal and mechanism seal combine style, stuffing seal is made of high temperature bearable stuffing, which has good ability of anti-high temperature; whereas the mechanism seal use hard metal of wearable high mechanical strength, assure the seal capability in condition of high temperature. It use third generation polyfluortetraethylene (PTFE) to make lip seal, so the seal performance is super good, 25 time seal ability than rubber seal and it anti corrosive.
LQRY Non-water cooling oil pump developed by absorbing many counterparts advantages, which enables the product many characteristics, for instance, reasonable construction, high efficiency, zero leakage in long term function etc, widely applied in the field of Petrol, oil, boiler, buildings, road, pharmacy, plastics, combined fiber, printing and dyeing sectors etc. is a good hot medium pump, working temp is ≤350C
Technical Data
Flow rate: up to 400 m³/h
Head: up to 85 m
Speed: max 2970 rpm
Temperature: max 370 ℃
Casing pressure: normal pressure
Shaft seal: mechanical sealing
Material: cast iron, stainless steel

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