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ZX series self priming centrifugal pump

ZX series self priming centrifugal pump

  • ZX series self priming centrifugal pump

ZX series self priming centrifugal pump


Product description
ZX series self priming centrifugal pump is design under the basic of absorb international advanced technology.
This pump is advanced of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high efficiency, long life. So excellent self-priming performance. that no need foot valve in the pipeline. It just needs to have amount of liquid in pump for self-priming before starting pump. So it simplify pipeline system and improves working condition.
1.Suitable for environment protection, construction, fire fighting, chemical pharmacy, printing, dyeing, brewage, power plant, electroplate, paper making, washing for mining and cooling for equipment.
2. Application as sprayer equiped with beam nozzle that turning water into little drop irrigation for farm, garden, etc.
3. It is suitable for clear water, sea water, acid or alkali chemical medium and slurry (viscosity≤100 centipois, consisitency of solid can not exceed 30% of total medium). 
Technical Data
Flow rate: up to 600 m³/h
Head: up to 80 m
Speed: max 2900 rpm
Temperature: max 120℃
Casing pressure: up to 1.6MPa
Shaft seal: mechanical sealing
Material: cast iron, stainless steel

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