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Product description

LW series vertical non-block sewage pump is a single-suction volute type pump and inside of it an impeller of a non-block wrapping-proof single big flow-path is set, leaving a good passing capacity. Two type of structure:1.both pump and motor are directly linked and coaxial; 2. use a clutch to link, the motor is a standard vertical one. Two foundation connection type with each type of structure: 1.levelly suck-in at the inlet, of angle-rotating function, i.e. The placing angle at the inlet can be 0 º, 90 º, 180 º, 270 º for the sake of pipe-line connection; 2.axial suck-in at the inlet for the sake of vertical installation.



Used for the municipal works, buildings, industrial sewage drainage, environmental protection sewage treatment, factories and mines sewage treatment etc. to drain the sewage. Water and rainwater containing solids and long fibers.


Technical Data

Flow rate: up to 2000 m³/h

Head: up to 60 m

Speed: max 2900 rpm

Temperature: max 60 ℃

Casing pressure: high pressure

Shaft seal: mechanical sealing

Material: cast iron, stainless steel


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