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Product description

WQK series submerged sewage pump with cutter device, a lates sewage handling solution developed from the advanced technology of West Germany, is provided with especially excellent through capacity. It is able to handle solid particles sized 60% of pump diameter. The sound cutting performance will cut up the long fibre, plastic, paper, strip, cloth pieces, straw and rope etc. in the sewage and then have them discharged out. With most advanced solutions to design the most reasonable hydraulic characteristics, pump can work within full head. The optimized combination of superior dry motor and pump makes the total efficiency of this pump in parallel with the AS with cutter device from West Germany ABS. The pump uses hard alloy of good quality, and the dynamic sealing structure with the combination of double end face mechanical seal and framework oil seal. Under longtime service, the motor of this pump is allowed to come out of liquid level, but not exceeding 1/2 of the height of motor. The temperature of sewage to be handled shall not exceed 60℃.



Sewage drainage in city and communities,

Waste water drainage in factories and mining area,

Urban sewage system and Urban flood drainage system


Technical Data

Flow rate: up to 180 m³/h

Head: up to 60 m

Speed: max 2900 rpm

Temperature: max 105 ℃

Casing pressure: low pressure

Shaft seal: mechanical sealing

Material: cast iron, stainless steel


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