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Product description

2XZ series vacuum pump takes a structure of double stage direct connection. Its working performance is composed of high pressure stage and low pressure stage. Its suction nozzle is connected with vacuum equipment to take in and let out the gas in the container during the operation. When the equipment obtains vacuum, exhaust valve at high pressure stage will close, and the gas taken in by high pressure stage will be transferred to the second stage, and then taken in and let out by the second stage to enable the equipment obtaining certain vacuum. The technical parameter of this pump is 6×10-2Pa. Pump and motor are connected by a shaft. It features high speed, small profile, compact structure and easy movability. We use metal vane.


The product is suitable for prepump of diffusion pump, matching with precision instrument and laboratories, medicine, food package and electronics etc.

Technical Data

Speed: max 1440 rpm

Temperature: max 50℃

Casing pressure: up to 0.06MPa

Shaft seal: mechanical sealing

Material: cast iron, stainless steel

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